4 Reasons Why Fall in Florida is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

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The best time to sell a home is typically in the spring as buyers are ready and available to go through the process and move in at any time. So what makes fall time in Florida the best time to buy for those looking to save on sales prices while still getting into luxury homes in idyllic Brevard County?

1. Sellers Are Eager To Get Their House off the Market

When you see a home for sale during fall, you know that the owners are very intent on selling as soon as possible. Homeowners with more time will opt to wait until the spring months when buyers are lining up to pay a premium.

Oftentimes sellers are motivated to wrap up before winter hits and they leave for the holidays that way the sale isn’t hanging over their heads and they can fully relax with their families. School also starts back up in the fall so parents need their sale to wrap up before they get busy with extra-curriculars and sporting events.

2. Prices Start Being Discounted

Historically, October is the best month to buy a home as prices are the lowest compared to any other time of the year. Not only are sellers more motivated to close sooner than later but real estate agents, mortgage offices and movers are no longer booked for months and can more quickly help complete various tasks to speed up the process.

3. End-of-Year Tax Preparation

As long as the sale of the home is completed before the end of the calendar year, the property taxes you pay can be applied to next year’s tax return. Space Coast residents have used this to their advantage when they’re ready to buy a new home due to starting a family or having kids leave the house thanks to how much it can offset their income.

Always make sure to check with your financial advisor for the best time to do this based on your tax situation.

4. Creating Your Dream Home Is More Affordable

A majority of those moving to Florida are wanting somewhere to call home for the rest of their life thanks to the perfect weather and friendly communities, especially in Melbourne and the surrounding cities. As such, you’ll want to make sure that you can get the home that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

Creating the ideal home can be expensive when done in the spring or summer when everyone else is looking to do the same. Simple changes like paint, carpet, fixtures and appliances can turn into budget-ruining endeavors. As fall begins, the companies that provide these services see a drop in business and begin offering lower rates or discounts on their products.

Keep this in mind along with the fact that sellers are more motivated during negotiations as they can include concessions if the paint needs changed or there is any amount of damage to cabinets, carpets or decorative pieces of the house.

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