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Sunset from Melbourne Beach, Florida - January 31, 2015

Real Estate Market in Melbourne, FL

When most people think of Florida, their minds immediately jump to big cities like Orlando and Miami. Nestled amongst these tourist attractions is the charming coastal region of Melbourne, a cozy haven in an otherwise populous state. In this sunny city, you can encounter beautiful beaches, historic art museums and some prime real estate offerings. Market trends show that homes in Melbourne are a great option for anyone looking to invest in real estate. Since 2000, the total appreciation rate for residences in this region has gone up by 137.60%. This equals an annual appreciation rate of about 4.21%, making Melbourne one of the largest housing markets in Florida.

The average home in this area costs between $129,001 and $257,000. Thanks to the appreciation rate, a buyer can easily earn back their investment and then some by selling their home for a higher price later on. These trends suggest that the longer a homeowner waits before selling, the more money they can earn from their investment. This explains why the majority of homeowners (56.3%) opt to purchase residences as opposed to renting. Of course, the Melbourne housing market wouldn’t be so popular if the region didn’t provide a positive living environment.

What To Do In Melbourne

The beautiful surroundings, entertainment facilities and combination of city and beach life are all contributing factors to the increasing value of Melbourne homes. If you’re looking for a relaxing park or beachside day, there’s no shortage of options near Melbourne. Lake Washington Park provides the perfect location for fishing and boating, while Melbourne Beach Park is great for swimmers and sunbathers alike. Another popular spot is Paradise Beach, which offers sparkling water, picnic areas and volleyball courts. Many beaches also give visitors the opportunity to try out exciting water sports such as kayaking and water skiing.

If beaches aren’t your thing, no problem—there are still plenty of amenities to enjoy in Melbourne. Visitors from across the country enjoy stopping by the Brevard Zoo, a globally accredited organization that houses everything from parrots and tigers to giraffes and rhinoceroses. Another popular spot is the Foosaner Art Museum, which provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local art culture. Thanks to the assortment of entertaining outdoor and indoor facilities, you can rest assured that you’ll never be bored in Melbourne.

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