Melbourne Beach, Florida Homes For Sale
If you’re interested in moving to Florida, the idyllic Town of Melbourne Beach is one choice you must consider. It’s a quaint, coastal town that represents all of the best that Florida has to offer. Whether you’re a young professional looking to purchase a condo, a retiree, or someone aiming to start a family, Melbourne Beach is perfect.

Life in Melbourne Beach

No matter where you live here, gorgeous beaches are always easily within walking distance. The town exudes charm with a wide array of historic buildings in varied architectural styles. Local businesses thrive here thanks to a supportive community and a typically booming tourist industry. Additionally, it’s home to many excellent schools, sports programs for youths, and beautiful parks that anyone can enjoy.

Melbourne Beach Parks

A stroll down the iconic Ocean Avenue will take you to a gorgeous park whichever way you walk. Once you reach the riverfront, you’ll find the towering oak trees of Ryckman Park. Additionally, there are public facilities such as a dock and picnic tables, and you can’t beat the view of the sunset from here. On the Atlantic, you’ll find the Ocean Avenue Beach Park, which is a major destination for visitors and beachgoers. Sunbathing, volleyball, and swimming in the open ocean are all typical ways to enjoy the park.

Melbourne Beach Restaurants

You’ll find plenty of famous chain restaurants in and around Melbourne Beach, going local is a necessity. Djon’s Steak and Lobster House combines the best in classic American cooking with the delicious seafood you expect from an ocean town. The Islands Fish Grill captures a similar charm, with local catches and Caribbean culinary influence making for consistently delicious meals.

Melbourne Beach Schools

Melbourne Beach plays home to several high-performing Brevard County schools. These schools outperform the wider Florida and national averages by clear margins. For instance, schools in this area post a 3% lead over the average Florida school in mathematics and a 5% lead in reading proficiency.

Melbourne Beach Properties

When you start looking for a home in Melbourne Beach, you’ll find an assortment of different types of properties. These include single family homes inland, on the riverfront, and at the oceanfront. Additionally, oceanfront condos are a popular choice that are well suited to smaller families, couples, and individuals.

Investors and first time homeowners would do well to consider adding Melbourne Beach properties to their portfolio. This is because from 2019-2020, the value of homes in this town rose by an impressive 4.4%. Additionally, Zillow predicts a 7.1% increase in Melbourne Beach home values over the course of 2021.

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