What Are the Perks of Shopping for a Home During the Holidays?

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Are you currently in the middle of the search for your next home? If so, you’re actually in one of the best seasons to buy a home even if it doesn’t have the same volume compared to the spring and summer. The slower pace everyone moves at doesn’t muster up the same energy for home buying but that also makes sellers and other buyers less frantic about the process. When the stress is further removed from a home purchase, buyers tend to see a lot more generosity during the holiday season.

Tis the Season for Giving, Sellers Included

Taking a look at the listings for your area will show a much different market between spring and winter. The biggest reason is that homes are priced much more affordably during the holidays as the number of buyers has diminished. Many families take off from work and travel to other regions for the holidays making it the ideal time to buy.

When a home is listed during the holidays, you know the owner is ready to finalize a sale and get the property to someone else. It may be due to an unexpected life change that led to them needing to relocate or it could simply be a house that didn’t find a buyer during the summer leading into fall. December specifically can see some of the lowest prices each year.

Sellers also take on the holiday spirit and may be more likely to work with you during negotiations. You could see a discount on the sales price, extra furniture thrown in or various odd jobs completed prior to your move in to save you the trouble later.

A Slower Schedule Actually Makes the Process Faster

With fewer buyers in the market giving you competition for the perfect home, other workers in the world of real estate also have less appointments to meet. The slow winter market can be an advantage for you if you choose to find your home during the holidays. Not only can your agent afford to let you take your time with showings and research, but mortgage and titling companies are available to process your paperwork at record-breaking speeds.

Other professionals involved include your attorney, mortgage underwriter, state and local inspectors as well as any movers you may be using to avoid lugging around furniture in the cold. Each of these groups will be waiting for appointments as their regular clients are away for the holidays.

Things To Keep In Mind When Holiday House Shopping

While there are many reasons to buy a home in the winter, there are still some aspects to take into account. Even though the positives far outweigh the considerations, you shouldn’t overlook them.

One of the most apparent differences is that showings may be more difficult to schedule due to shorter days and possible weather conditions. Landscaping and lawns aren’t at their best during the winter so keep that in mind when surveying the area. Ask your agent or the homeowner for pictures taken at other times of year.

Ready to find your dream home during the most wonderful time of the year? We encourage you to reach out to our team of local real estate experts. The Curri Kirshcner team is standing by to give you access to decades of experience to make home buying easier than you ever thought.