How Hot Is the Indialantic Housing Market?

Indialantic fifth ave

While the real estate boom is slowing down, the trend is still going upwards even if it’s more of a brisk walk than a full sprint. All manner of households from individuals looking to further their career to retirees on the tail end of one are looking to grab their slice of coastal perfection in Florida.

One of the most popular local cities is Indialantic, a town of less than 3,000 that gives residents access to some of the best amenities in the country.

What Makes Indialantic So Coveted

The suburban feel of the city is both comforting and inviting. Residents tend to own their homes which means neighborhoods are well-maintained and the sense of community is overwhelmingly supportive.

One out of every ten residents helps to serve on a local committee to preserve the city and put together volunteer events which over a quarter of the city shows up to help with.

Aside from being such an excellent place to raise a family, Indialantic housing costs can seal the deal when it comes to your next home purchase decision. The median income for the area is just over $80,000 with more and more high-paying job opportunities sprouting up as the remote work movement reaches its full stride.

Careers in technology and engineering are just two of the industry jobs seeing an expansion in Indialantic thanks to the large number of companies involved with space flight and commercial ocean voyages.

How the Indialantic Market Is Faring

Indialantic is starting to cool off just a bit, meaning the waters are becoming more hospitable to buyers that aren’t looking to find themselves in bidding wars against 40 other applicants. Single-family homes have a current median price of $505,000 which is 24.2% increase compared to last year, but much of that growth has happened within the last six months.

Getting in on the market now means seeing instant increases to property value on top of getting better loan terms with the race to purchase being less tense, allowing buyers to shop around and take the time they need to get everything set up just right.

Listings are still popping up so there’s no shortage of perfect homes and sellers are still able to profit off of their home without needing to inflate their sell price.

Call On Dave Curri’s Team of Local Real Estate Gurus

Finding the perfect home means getting the house, neighborhood and city correct on the first try. While moving to a new city typically means needing to visit multiple times beforehand, our team at David Curri is comprised of locals who know the area like the back of their hand.

Having insights to the local community that goes beyond simple house listings means we can help you address every want and need you’ll have for your Indialantic home. Getting to know you and your family isn’t just part of the sales process for us, it’s the entire reason we’ve decided to focus our home sales to an area we believe in. We want to share our little slice of paradise with as many people as possible so please don’t be shy, come see just how easily buying a home in Indialantic, FL can be.