Waterfront Homes For Sale In Melbourne, FL

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Choosing where to settle down and grow your roots can be stressful given the volatility of the housing market. Competition has grown stiff in large metro areas, driving many families to the suburbs or further out. Pairing this with the increase in remote work, those within the tech industries find themselves with a new freedom they didn’t have before, with many setting their sights on the beautiful Space Coast.

One silver lining that has helped boost the market in Melbourne’s Space Coast is how well diversified the local businesses are. The pandemic that ravage many areas from 2020-2021 saw very little impact to the Melbourne area outside of the tourist and some service industries. Even unemployment was up to 2% less than surrounding areas, an impressive feat to accomplish during such difficult times.

Strong Neighborhoods Attract Strong Buyers

Locals and visitors alike noticed this and began exploring more heavily into real estate within the area. Lifetime renters found themselves in love with the idea of owning a home in Melbourne thanks to the strong sense of community and independence the area has. On top of this, the strong local economy meant no loss of jobs for most residents which kept them as strong contenders for listing bids.

Pair this with easy access to multiple metro and destination areas and buyers see the perfect Florida package awaiting them with any Melbourne home purchase. While getting away to some of the biggest names for vacations is available, you won’t need to travel their to have an amazing time every day in Melbourne.

Nature Stops Set the Tone

Melbourne is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches thanks to the availability of state park managed coastline. One such location is the Sebastian Inlet State Park, with miles of drivable roads over the water with nothing but blue skies and white capped waves as far as the eye can see. A museum is also located on the grounds, dedicated to the lost treasure of 1715 when a hurricane brought down a Spanish ship.

Looking to get out in nature unique to Florida? Then you’ll want to visit the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands. These are protected grounds home to some of the most accessible options to view and document local wildlife and geography. Reptiles, birds, small mammals and strange plants give even the most experienced nature photographer something new to find each time.

Want the Fun Bundled Up Nicely?

While there is an endless amount of ways to enjoy Melbourne, it’s sometimes nice to take a little stay-cation at a nearby city for the weekend. With Orlando being a quick thirty minute drive away, you’ll never have a dull day. Universal Studios and Disney World are two of the most popular attractions to visit, truly earning the latter the title of “Happiest Place on Earth!”

Let David Curri Help You Find Your Home

A native Floridian, David Curri has been in the Brevard County area for decades. Not only for himself, but his family as well. This choice to start a family came from his love for the community and strength he saw grow more every year he was there. David uses this personal knowledge along with years of experience in the real estate sector to find buyers homes that not only fit their budget, but their lifestyle goals as well.

One such lovely property in the spotlight right now is a gorgeous five bedroom, four bath 4,611 square foot home on Wyndham Way. This multi-level home includes a perfect view from the second-story balcony over the natural inlets Florida is known for, as well as an in-ground pool and hot tub with the same views. This property is perfect for a family or retired buyers who want room for grand-kids and relatives to visit often. Reach out today to get more information on this and other coastal properties in Melbourne, FL.