What To Look Forward to This Christmas in Indialantic Florida!

Christmas in Florida at the beach

Christmas in Florida is one of the most unique ways to experience the holiday season thanks to different takes on tradition, especially in Indialantic and the rest of Brevard County. Hot cocoa is replaced with iced eggnog, sitting in front of the fireplace is swapped for gathering around beach fire pits and snowmen turn into sandmen! You won’t see families in matching pajama pants and sweaters as shorts and t-shirts remain needed to match the climate. But don’t worry, ugly sweater contests are simply replaced with vests instead to keep the tradition alive.

There Are Still Traditions You’ll Recognize Though

Like most cities around the United States, locals still gather around the town square in order to watch the Christmas tree lighting happen. Children are able to get pictures with Santa and get some holiday sweets with proper safety measurements taken to keep everyone happy and healthy this holiday season. Houses will adorn their festive lights and garland in anticipation of family and friends coming to visit.

Florida’s Traditions Put a Spin on These Classics

Given that the Space Coast is the surfing capital of the East Coast, it may not come as a surprise to learn that Santa often makes his way out to the waves each year. Melbourne and Indialantic see multiple Santa’s hanging ten and riding the white water in celebration of the holidays. Thousands of people come out to see the event as surfers dress up as their favorite Christmas icon all along the shoreline. Depending on which surfing Santa event you go to, you may be able to get a nice prize for best costume to really get into the gifting spirit.

While you’re out on the beach, you’ll notice that the lack of snow doesn’t stop everyone from getting into the crafting spirit. Sandcastle contests aren’t anything new to the area but as winter approaches, Christmas trees and miniature winter wonderlands take over as the primary motif. Thanks to the expert crafters and sand engineers, these trees can get over 30 feet tall with details that make you think they’ve been decorated by hand rather than being completely made of sand.

Unique Decorations Can Be Found on Trees, Houses and More

Even though the sun and sand are embraced heavily during the Florida Christmas, pine trees still fill homes with that fresh scent that elicits holiday nostalgia. You’ll see your standard lights and ornaments you’d expect from a Christmas tree, but the colors drift away from the red and green palette to embrace more whites and blues that match the nearby ocean. Seashells, sand dollars and starfish take up ornament space and pineapples may replace the smaller mini trees used as table centerpieces.

Something families love to attend is Christmas parades which still have a home here in Indialantic, but you’ll also want to be on the lookout for boat parades! After brandishing their watercraft with lights and decorations, captains take to the waters to organize a parade that brings the best of Florida into this timeless Christmas tradition.

Looking to get in on the Florida traditions? Reach out to the David Curri team to see just how smoothly and quickly getting your dream home in Indialantic can be. To all of our friends and family in Florida and abroad, have a happy and safe holiday season!