What Melbourne Florida Is Known For

Florida back yard over the waterway

Choosing to live in Melbourne is choosing amazing sunrises and sunsets every day. It’s choosing to place your family in a position of opportunity with high-performing local schools and an increasing number of employment opportunities in lucrative sectors such as information technology and data security.

With lush nature surrounding downtowns that house countless locally owned businesses, it’s no surprise that Melbourne is becoming a more and more popular destination. That being said, you won’t find the loud noises and congested roadways that come with a big city. Instead you’ll have the sounds of the ocean breeze and a community of neighbors who love their community and location.

As fantastic as all of these features of Melbourne living seem, the best part is that getting your own slice of the idyllic Florida coast doesn’t have to break the bank. Even with locations right on the beach, you’ll be able to manage the cost and still have funds leftover to go and enjoy the recreational activities and historical sites the area has to offer.

Why Melbourne’s Location Puts It Above Other Florida Cities

One thing that coastal cities have in common is, well, the coast! Having access to the ocean means some of the most exotic charter fishing out in the big blue or just surfing and soaking up the sun near the shore.

Melbourne’s ace in the hole is being between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon. This gorgeous freshwater feature gives an extra splash of beauty and ecology for everyone to enjoy from anglers wanting a peaceful day on the lake to nature enthusiasts excited to see a vast range of flora and fauna.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of these perfect snapshots of nature no matter what time of year it is. Melbourne has an average of nearly 250 sunny days throughout the year, with the “harshest” time of year being winter when temperatures can range as low as 50° F which gives it one of the most mild coastal winters around.

Melbourne Caters to Families and Individuals Alike

Melbourne is lucky enough to be part of the Brevard County school system, one of Florida’s most innovative and highest-ranked districts for both public and private schools. From there, children have access to institutions such as the Florida Institute of Technology and a satellite campus of the University of Central Florida.

Even if you aren’t looking to start a family, Melbourne’s real estate landscape has options and sizes that fit any lifestyle. Remote workers will find well-maintained neighborhoods with an ocean view the perfect office space to get work done in.

One view many Melbourne locals always stare at in awe is the sight of seeing space shuttles and ships launching from Cape Canaveral. Kennedy Space Center is just north of Melbourne which means you can see the launches right from your home!

Getting away from the science side of things we have the rich culture that makes up downtown Melbourne. Being a melting pot of different backgrounds and origins has lent itself to a wide range of food, music and art both on stage and on the streets. Boutique shops house local pieces while museums and galleries showcase more historical or international artworks.

Don’t Wait, Let the David Curri Team Help Find Your Melbourne Home

Given the affordability and long list of amenities Melbourne has to offer, it only makes sense to be curious about choosing this lovely location as you or your family’s next home. Being able to snag one of these highly sought after properties means having a team of realtors local to the area which is where we come in!

We encourage you to reach out and learn more about the area and our seamless home buying process, or have a look at our interactive listing map to find the home that sits exactly where you want.